Fully Decentralized Yield Farming & Automated Liquidity Mining Protocol

Governments and Large institutions used to be in total control of Finance but now the power of decentralization & the ability to earn high yields, profits/interest is now in your hands too. De-Fi & blockchain has taken the ledger public & the benefits are higher than ever before. With APY from 300% to as high as 400% & more + you get 100% privacy too!

The Spray Finance Ecosystem allows you to stake, farm and earn rewards from the pool. SPRAY will be the governance token that also allows users to vote and captures all the benefits of the ecosystems for the benfit of all token holders.

Core Features

Limited Token & Buyback

The protocol buys back SPRAY tokens to reward users in farming mode & there will always be a limited amount of SPRAY to avoid inflation & to help investors earn maximum yield & profit

Liquidity Locked

The vault has been designed to follow unique strategies that prevent your assets from liquidating & helps protect the Spray ecosystem from market manipulation by whales

Voting & Governance

Like the Keep3r Network, Governance is designed to have low over-head & any changes to the ecosystem will be done via on-chain proposals and voting thereby making the users and holders of SPRAY the real owners of the ecosystem.

Reward & Earning

Besides staking & farming the SPRAY token, liquidity providers & holders also earn free SPRAY NFT tokens which will be governance token of the Spray NFT assets trading platform



There is Always Enough To Go Round!

The SPRAY Finance Ecosystem has put in place measures that are beneficial to both long term holders and to swing traders & short term investors too. Including but not limited to:

FREE SPRAYNFT Tokens For Holders: This free token will have a 100% fair distribution proportional to the available balance of the holders as at when the snapshots are taken.

Full value capture: Holders get to enjoy all the benefits of the ecosystem and even get a certain percentage of all transaction fees across the SPRAY ecosystem

Lending & Cross-Chain Support: Holders can decide to lend out their tokens to enjoy maximum yield of up to 400% APY for all supported coins

Non-Inflationary & Limited Supply: Because there is a limited amount of total tokens available, the value of SPRAY increases over time thereby rewarding long term holders with huge profits & rewards in the long term


Looking to Farm, Trade or make daily profit withdrawals? There is also a lot of benefits for every activity within the ecosystem:

Automated Liquidity Pool & Market Making: Easily trade your assets, make deposits and withdrawals at the lowest possible transaction fees

Exchange Listing & Order Books: The SPRAY token will also be listed on major exchanges and we are constantly adding new pairs to the ecosystem to provide more flexibility & value for all traders and investors

No more exorbitantly high gas-fees: Enjoy seamless trades and swaps between the ecosystem without having to worry much about losses during transaction, congestion or exorbitantly high gas fees

Lowest Farming & Staking Fees: With unstaking fees as low as 2%, farmers will not have to worry about loosing all their rewards to transaction fees. Unstaking fees will also be distributed equally across the SPRAY Finance ecosystem making it a win win for everyone


After the token sales, the planned allocation of proceeds will provide a sustainable and strong foundation to boost & sky-rocket the growth of the SPRAY ecosystem. See Break down of token allocation, sales schedule & use of proceeds below:

Pre-Sale 1 - Starts

3 Nov, 2020

Available Tokens

2,300 SPRAY

Sale Price ($50)



10 Nov, 2020

Pre-Sale 2 - Starts

10 Nov, 2020

Available Tokens

1,500 SPRAY

Sale Price ($75)



11 Nov, 2020

Uniswap Listing Date

12 Nov, 2020

Uniswap Listing

1 SPRAY = $100

Confirmed Exchanges

Hotbit & Probit

Listing Dates

November 13th, 2020

Notes: All unsold tokens will be burnt & 1,000 SPRAY from the max supply will also be burnt after pre-sales. Liquidity on Uniswap locked for 1-year

How To Buy SPRAY

Do not lose your hard earned money to impersonators and scammers peddling fake tokens. Please follow the guide below on how to make sure you are secured and in safe hands

The official SPRAY Finance token contract is 0x87bd4d387a2e50953140d019667c05ababd3c692 Click here to view on Etherscan

For contributions & payments to participate in the token sales, All payments are to be sent to this eth address: 0xA7881097508C7530af110d8f0FCf7Ec0919003b0 . Click to visit on Etherscan & copy address for deposit

To buy the SPRAY token on Uniswap, Click here. & official twitter account here.. So follow us now for updates & announcements

You can also buy or trade with the SPRAY token on reputable exchanges like Hotbit here and Probit here

More Exchanges Will Possibly Be Anounced As Project Progresses. Stay With Us!


Time-lines & what to expect in the coming days


Below we have provided answers to some frequently asked questions. However, if you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What Makes Spray Finance Different?

The ecosystem has been designed to prevent inflation & protect investors from losses, prevent market manipulation by whales & also comes with automated liquidity to make it easier to withdraw profits. Tokens will also be burnt regularly to increase price of SPRAY in addition to buy-backs to reward holders. It is 100% decentralized & built to maximize returns for all users of the ecosystem.

Spray Finance ecosystem is based on Ethereum. As part of our future development goals, we plan to expand to other EVM supported platforms like the Binance Smart Chain.

To participate in the pre-sales, we accept eth only. All payments are to be sent to 0xA7881097508C7530af110d8f0FCf7Ec0919003b0 We recommend sending from Meta-mask or any other trusted wallet.

Once your eth deposit is confirmed, equivalent SPRAY tokens will be sent to your wallet address. You can view SPRAY tokens on etherscan here.

To participate, all you have to do is send eth to the deposit address - 0xA7881097508C7530af110d8f0FCf7Ec0919003b0 - we also advise that you join our Telegram Group. & also follow us on twitter here. so you don't miss out on very important updates/announcements.

Besides being among the early holders of the SPRAY tokens, you also get to enjoy over 400% APY and get maximized returns upon listing on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. We recommend getting as many of the tokens as possible because the system has been built to produce maximum yield & high value for holders

SPRAY will be listed for $100 which is already x2 of initial pre-sale price and it's built to rise as high as $10,000 depending on the market. The token will also be listed on other major exchanges to reach a wider audience. Our aim is to make the SPRAY token one of the highly priced tokens and with its deflationary features, we hope it gets as high as $10,000 and beyond.

More Exchanges Will Possibly Be Anounced As Project Progresses. Stay With Us!

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